School of Graduate Studies

Program Offerings

Doctor of Philosophy in Education
Master of Arts in Education Major in:

Educational Management
Guidance Counseling
Religious and Values Education

Master of Business Administration
Master in Public Adminitration

Local Government Administration (Thesis Program)
Local Government Administration (Non-thesis Program)
Human Resource Management (Thesis Program)
Human Resource Management (Non-thesis Program)

A dynamic and responsive Catholic Graduate Education

To provide quality graduate programs through scholarly and relevant research in various disciplines and responsive to opportunities for community development 

  1. Well- integrated Christian and value formation in the curriculum.
    Objective: To inculcate the Christian formation and core values of the school.
  2. Effective and efficient governance of the SGS.
    Objective: To observe transparency in the administration of the department.
  3. Quality, relevant and research- based instruction.
    Objective: To improve the curricular offerings in order to address industry needs.
  4. Strong and competent pool of graduate and post- graduate professors.
    Objective: To attract qualified and competent professors.
  5. Strong culture of research among professors and students.
    Objective: To inculcate the culture of research among professors and students.
  6. Conducive learning resource center.
    Objective: To provide professors and students with appropriate learning materials and facilities.
  7. Quality support services.
    Objective: To provide students with the necessary academic and non- academic support services.
  8. Active involvement in the CPC Community Extension programs
    Objective: To align the outreach program of the SGS to CPC’s extension program and empower professors and students that they may share their knowledge and skills to the community.
  9. Conducive learning environment for the SGS
    Objective: To improve facilities in support of instruction.
  1. Faith
  2. Scholarship