College of Law

College of Law

The CPC College of Law is aimed to the holistic education of law students to be efficient aids in the administration of justice in the near future. The above seal projects the desire of the College of Law that it wants to impart to the society.

  1. Blue frame
    Embracing the center of the seal symbolizes that the College of Law is a precious part of Colegio dela Purisima Concepcion. This manifests the union of the department to the whole College, sharing with its ideals, mission, visions and goals.
  2. Positioned in the center of the seal is a woman bearing a balance scale which symbolizes justice, whereas the sword symbolizes power,that is, the power to lay justice upon the palms of the sovereigns.Shining behind the Lady of Justice are the brilliant rays of the sun, which symbolizes hope,faith, and the rising of justice for all thru the emergence of the College of Law in 1963.Below the image is the motto of the whole College,which means., “For God and for Country.” Hence, if the symbolisms are read in entirety, “Justice, Faith and Hope shall rise for God and for country.”

To produce globally competent lawyers who possess deep spiritual values and moral ethics.

  1. To make the College of Law the premier College of this institution.
  2. To build up present student generation to become bright, alert, persuasive and be self-confident to enable them to achieve their ambition to become lawyers.
  3. To be an avenue to form values to aspiring lawyers, armed particularly with the values and guiding principles of this institution.To develop technique to upgrade the image of this institution.
  1. Promote quality instruction, cultural heritage relevant research and community service for love of God, Mary and country.
  2. Sustaining an effective and quality management system to promote globally competitive development.
  1. To produce morally upright and truth-seeking lawyer.
  2. Deepen his/her aesthetic sensitivity to the world around him/her.
  3. Cultivate desirable Filipino cultural values.
  4. Develop a strong cultural insight through exposure to Filipino culture and way of life and that of other countries.
  5. Prepare men and women for a continuing education in relation to the communities in which they live.