College of Maritime Education


  1. Steering Wheels
    Signifies the marine skills and attitude to man seaworthy ships.
  2. Propeller
    Symbolizes the revolving and a well establish quality standard system of the CPC – CME department.
  3. Anchor
    Symbolize the goal of the institution to provide strengths and stability towards its commitment of the institution learning with core values in the field of maritime industry.
  4. 1991
    The year indicates the date of the establishment of the College of the Marine Education Department.
  5. Color Blue
    Is the official shade of blue representing the Blessed Virgin Mary, Patroness of Colegio de la Purisima Concepcion.

Catholic education Provision Continually Constitutes skills, knowledge and attitude enhancement of Catholic youth who shall be Marine environment friendly and Employable to marine sectors worldwide.

CPC-CME shall be the training ground of the finest world-class merchant marine officers with Catyholic values and who will promote the preservation of marine environment and upliftment of life and society.

It is the mission of CPC-CME to provide quality education to the Catholic youth, who:

  1. shall have the skills, knowledge and attitudes to man seaworthy ships that are engaged either in international or coastwise voyages;
  2.  shall contribute to the preservation of marine environment;
  3.  shall pass the PRC licensure examination;
  4. shall be employable,
  5.  shall uplift the financial status of his/her family and;
  6.  shall contribute to the economic development of the Philippines.

Colegio de la Purisima Concepcion shall provide Catholic Education to the Christian youth to become globally competitive and respectable merchant marine officers.

  1. To harness competent and well rounded graduates who will excellently meet the requirements and standards of the international maritime industry
  2. To ensure the total development of CPC maritime graduates: spiritually, morally, socially, politically and intellectually through intensive skills training reinforced by value and ethical formation.
  3. To provide qualified faculty and personnel thus ensuring the satisfaction and appreciation of manning companies owners/principals.
  4. To assist qualified maritime cadets in their shipboard training.
  5. To continue its pursuit of quality maritime education and delivery of world class service thus the college is committed to serve with reliability, efficiency and integrity.
  6. To carry out its operational activities in accordance with customer, obligatory, regulatory, legal, and National and International Standards requirements.
  7. To implement and continually improve a Quality Management System effective to the needs of the CPC.