College of Engineering and Technology

Elements of the College of Engineering and Technology Logo.

  1. Orange Rim at the Top
  2. The College Seal
  3. The Laurels
  4. Buildings
  5. Lightning
  6. ICS, towers and satellite
  7. Technology ensure Progress

The Engineering seeks to inculcate its students General Education and professional technical excellence in order to produce Engineers who are: morally, socially, high skilled and committed Engineers. It aims to produce competent and skilled engineers for rapid advancing engineering construction, industries, and manufacturing endeavors, and to provide opportunities that would enhance employment towards our country’s economic development, for globally-competitive social environment. It also aims to equip students with Christian Values which will lead them to become good Christian leaders.

  1. To develop computer engineers who are capable of meeting the scientific, technological and various needs of business, and industries and communities in the global community.
  2. To train computer engineers who are competent in system analysis, project management, technical support and technopreneurship.
  3. To provide students with computer engineering education that will strengthen not only their technical capacity but also their personal and professional ethics.
  1. To provide students with sounds relevant knowledge and scientific technical skills.
  2. To provide opportunities for highly-skilled Engineering students.
  3. To foster Filipino culture and values.
  1. To update science and technology in electrical and modern technology aspects.
  2. To provide students with technical skills and abilities that is suited to the needs of the times.
  3. To enhance the student’s aptitude and skills that will provide intellectual, scientific, and technological discipline, so that each student will:
    a. become knowledgeable of current issues in science and technology.
    b. acquire skills in critical and analytical thinking in electrical operations;
    c. develop ability in handling and manipulating modern machineries pertaining to electrical system;
    d. expose students to different places/ industries and diverse modern engineering technologies.