Campus Life

Colegio de la Purisima Concepcion believes that education should not be confined within the four walls of the classrooms. Hence, programs are geared not only toward excellence in academics but also toward the integrative development of the individuals in the fields of sports, arts, and culture. These activities are conducted in modes that guarantees safety and security among students considering the prevailing circumstances. 


Each academic year, all freshmen and transferees are provided with a general orientation about the college and a reorientation for old students. This activity is spearheaded by the Office of the Student Affairs through the Guidance Service Center.

Mass of the Holy Spirit

The first general activity of the College is the Mass of the Holy Spirit. The CPC Board of Trustees, the Capiz Clergy, the Administrators, faculty, staff, and students gather together to invoke the grace of the Holy Spirit. After the Eucharistic celebration, the new faculty/staff members of the college are formally introduced and sworn into office. A general assembly of the school faculty and staff follows where Deans and Heads of Offices present their programs for the school year. This is also the time when the new members of the faculty and staff are introduced. 

Acquaintance/Induction of Officers (SSPC, SPCs, Club/Organization Officers)

The freshmen and transferees are made ‘’to feel at home‘’ by the upperclassmen in an activity that consists of fellowship, presentation of students according to their respective college and department, and induction of student officers.

Founder’s Day/Grand Intramurals

The Grand Intramurals is held on the first or second week of August to commemorate the death of her founder, Rt. Rev. Msgr. Vicente Gonzales. Sports, cultural, and literary competitions among the different colleges are scheduled.

Christmas Party

Like any other institution, CPC students hold a Christmas party a day before the Christmas break. A college wide celebration starts with a Eucharistic Celebration and games. After which students break out to their respective departmental or class Christmas Celebrations. 8.6 Foundation Day In the month of February, CPC observes her Foundation day. This affair includes various activities of every college, student clubs/organizations, and employees that are reflective of the mission and vision of the college. The alumni homecoming is held during this time.

Religious Activities

Top in the priorities CPC is for her students to evangelized and be evangelizers. Religious and spiritual activities compliment religious instructions. Spiritual enrichment is prompted through the daily masses held at the College chapel, recollections, retreats, prayer activities, special novenas, Archdiocesan Religious gatherings and the First Friday mass devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Classes meetings, meeting programs conferences and other activities begin and end with a prayer. Big and important events are highlighted by a Eucharistic celebration