College of Hospitality Management

Program Offerings

B.S. Hospitality Management

B.S. Tourism Management

A center of excellence for Catholic Education in providing hospitality and tourism programs in the province of Capiz and in the whole region

The CPC – CHTM will attain its vision by maintaining an affordable, high quality education; providing relevant programs of study; continuing emphasis on its Catholic Educationphilosophy – the commitment to produce spiritually – oriented, values – motivated, and collaborative professionals through quality instruction, intensive research and significant community involvement.

  1. Christian Formation Strong CPC Christian and Values Formation among Teachers and Students
    Objective: To preserve and promote the distinctive Catholic identity of the College
  2. Organization and Administration/Purposes and Objectives Transparent and Fair Administration Leadership, Communication, Interpersonal, and Social Skills Objective: To demonstrate individual and professional standards for ethical decision – making and social behavior
  3. Instruction Academic Excellence
    Objective: To provide quality classroom instruction supplemented with seminars, workshops and experiences that will maximize the quality of the curriculum.
  4. Faculty Strengthened Faculty Profile
    Objective: To create long – term resource plan to recruit, develop and retain outstanding faculty that will advance the mission of the College.
  5. Research Outstanding Research Culture
    Objective: To Incentivize research productivity among faculty and students.
  6. Library Modernized Library References and Materials
    Objective: To make CPC Library as a learning hub with the flexibility and enhanced Information Technology necessary to support a variety of learning styles and to meet the ever changing research and learning needs of faculty and students.
  7. Student Services Exceptional Student Services
    Objective: To enhance student enrollment, programming and servicing in order to remain competitive in the market, increase diversity on campus, and improve the overall student experience at CPC.
  8. Social Orientation and Community Involvement Relevant Corporate Social Responsibility and Community Service
    Objective: To provide positive influence on the community by example set by the College
  9. Laboratories Modernized Laboratories and Equipment
    Objective: To provide students with complete and updated facilities such as kitchen laboratory, modern mini–hotel, function room and bar facilities, mock travel agency, and air – conditioned classrooms, library and multimedia services.
  10. Physical Plant and Facilities State – of – the – Art Physical Plant and Facilities
    Objective: To provide and maintain an efficient, aesthetically pleasing and hazard – free environment for students, faculty, staff, and the public.

Objectives: After graduation, the graduates of the College of Hospitality and Tourism Management are able to:

  1. Show competence for entry positions all the way to the administration of hospitality and tourism establishments;
  2. Demonstrate mastery of techniques in performing specific functions in the areas of tourism, food and beverage, front office, rooms division, housekeeping operations and culinary arts;
  3. Execute the principles of conceptualizing, planning, organizing, staffing, and managing and evaluating meetings, events and festival management which include conventions and events in tourism, event design, project management, methods and evaluation, physical requirements, promotion and sponsorship;
  4. Show ability to advance their careers in the international arena of hotels, resorts, condominiums, clubs, restaurants, professional vent organizations, entertainment centers and cruise lines; and,
  5. Conduct themselves in a responsible, professional and ethical manner.