College of Business Management and Accountancy

Program Offerings

Bachelor of Science in Accountancy
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

A leading catholic business and management education provider in Region VI

We commit to produce God-oriented, values- driven and interactive graduates through quality instruction, intensive research and relevant community involvement.

  1. Christian Formation Strong Christian values among teachers and students.
    Objective: To develop classroom instruction and department activities based on the tenets of Catholic education.
  2. Organization and Administration/ Purposes and Objectives Good governance Focusing on Human Capital; Business Processes and Technologies
    a. To develop a motivated workforce, fast management processes, and to promote the progress of BSBA and Accountancy departments through investments in PEOPLE, IDEAS, and TOOLS.
    b. To develop CBMA faculty Manual outlining guidelines for better Faculty operation and management.
  3. Instruction
    Relevant instructions among different program Objective: To align classroom instructions with industry standards and best practices.
  4. Faculty
    Strong Faculty engagement and commitment.
    a. To provide support and motivation to all faculty members.
    b. To attract qualified and competent faculty members.
  5. Research
    Strong research culture in the department.
    Objective: To engage faculty members and students in research.
  6. Library
    Updated references and materials.
    Objective: To ensure current library holdings relevant to the program offerings.
  7. Student Services
    Responsive student services.
    Objective: To provide faculty and students prompt and quality student services.
  8. Social Orientation and Community Involvement
    Relevant corporate social responsibility
    Objective: To strengthen the community involvement of Faculty and students.
  9. Laboratories
    Updated and state-of-the-art laboratories and equipment.
    Objective: To update and upgrade laboratories and equipment.
  10. Physical Plant and Facilities
    Standard physical plant and facilities
    Objective: To meet the standard of regulating bodies.