College of Arts, Sciences and Education

Program Offerings

A.B. Political Science
A.B. English
A.B. Communication
B.S. Psychology
B.S. Mathematics
B.S. in Secondary Education Major in:
Social Studies
Religious Education
Bachelor of Elementary Education
Bachelor of Physical Education

The College of Arts and Sciences envisions itself to be a provider of quality and excellent programs leading to the degrees of Bachelor of Arts and Sciences with key areas of intellectual inquiry in the Natural Sciences, Mathematics, Arts, Humanities and the Social Science.

To achieve the above, the College of Arts and Sciences commits itself to:

  1. Provide quality and excellent programs and services that would go beyond international standards;
  2. Produce professionally and globally competent graduates in the various fields of specialization – the Natural Sciences, Mathematics, Arts, Humanities, and the Social Sciences;
  3. Develop in the students skills in critical thinking, effective communication, sound judgment and the acquisition and development of value that are necessary for further education; and
  4. Inculcate among its students Catholic, Marian and Filipino virtues of abiding faith in God, humility, obedience, chastity, compassion, and familial unity in order that they become catalysts of change not only in their own small community but in the large society as well.
  1. The College of Arts and Sciences shall strive to:
    Provide a strong educational and cultural foundation necessary for the development of the whole person;
  2. Offer quality academic programs;
  3. Foster innovative teaching strategies and learning environment;
  4. Undertaking research and extension services;
  5. Emphasize Catholic, Marian, and Filipino values.
  6. Produce graduates who demonstrate functional knowledge and skills in Communication Arts, English, Political Science, Philosophy;
  7. Manifest critical thinking and effective communication skills;
  8. Exercise sound judgment and decision-making skills in dealing with various issues and problems;
  9. Practice a high degree of professional ethics and integrity;
  10. Show a sense of social responsibility in their respective work endeavors.